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SOTL Storm Run 2022  

Come run your trail off!

Shepherd of the Lakes School is fully accredited by the National Lutheran School Association. Our classroom teachers are certified with more than a century of combined experience.

Shepherd of the Lakes offers preschool through grade 8. Preschoolers may attend two, three, or five days a week. SOTL has a prekindergarten class five days a week. We offer half-day and full-day kindergarten. Students may start at half-day kindergarten, and at the end of a quarter try full-day kindergarten for free for a week so the teacher and parents may assess the student’s readiness. .

Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church launched their preschool program in 1982. After almost twenty years of operation the church adopted a dynamic vision for the future and plans were put in place to add an elementary school. In September 2001 Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church realized their vision. In March 2003 they completed their largest building project with the addition of a new worship center, school classrooms, offices, nurseries, and book store.

In September of 2007 our Preschool celebrated its 25th year of operation. Additional class availability and a full-day kindergarten session was made available. In September of 2009 we expanded our school by adding a prekindergarten program, and in September 2010 we began to offer extended care for our preschoolers. Eighth grade was added for the 2014-2015 school year. Currently, we have a growing school offering classes for students from three years old through eighth grade.

It is the school’s mission to partner with families, building a foundation of faith, knowledge, and discipleship.

10 years ago, I was searching all the numerous races online trying to decide which one was the best as far as the cause and type of race. I had an "aha" moment when I thought to myself, "I wish there were a race for Shepherd of the Lakes!" The more I spoke to staff and members, I realized the grounds itself is wonderful for a trail run! What an exciting thought to promote exercise while raising money to improve our childrens' education!

Janna Yeakey

Race Director

The storm run committee consists of Janna Yeakey, Amy Miles, Sue Wilkin, GInger Erickson, and Nancy Weaver